Our Books

Karen Karen Ashram writes children's books. Her first work, Seasons and Colors, was published with Easy To Print Publishing.

Y. Henny Goffin

Y. Henny Goffin's first work was Rivers of Living Water: A Visual Harmony of the Four Gospels. She is currently writing a children's book, "A Visual Harmony of Children's Songs."

Brian Hartman

Brian Hartman has been published in Red Fez magazine online and anthologies. Several of his short stories are published in the volume Dave Riggler's Stories.

Richard HerrRichard Herr started writing about ten years ago. He does humorous novels, mostly of a sci-fi or fantasy nature. See his Blog.

Cathy C. Livingstone Cathy Caputo Livingstone's first book, is Bubbe, Mimi & Gigi: The Best Grandmother Name Book Ever. It has 300 grandma name descriptions, fun grandmother facts, celebrity grandma names, & gpa too.

Sidney Nesti

Sidney Nesti is an aspiring writer and anthropologist by daytime (alias Valentina Pagliai). She had published several academic articles and chapters in edited volumes.

Sharon Trembley

A-Louise AliA-Louise Ali has published three books: Sugar in Rice, They Do Come Back and Sweet Deceits. She is currently working on a YA trilogy. She writes thrillers and drama.


Glen E. BooksGlen Erin Books writes science fiction and just published his first novella, The Sky Between Two Worlds. The book is also available in Kindle edition.

Freda Hansburg

Freda Hansburg is a psychologist and co-author of self-help books. Her first novel, Shrink Rapt, a psychological thriller, is coming out soon. Visit her professional website here

Pamela HegartyPamela Hegarty has published many books in her career as a writer and editor (Sky Castle Publishing). Most recently, The Seventh Stone and its sequel, The Emerald Tablet.

Pascale KavanaghPascale Kavanagh's first publication, Fish Tails & Lady Legs, is an erotic novel. Pascale is a transformational teacher and adventurer. See her website, Feed Your Soul.

Haris MalhotraHarish K. Malhotra has published both fiction and scientific books and articles. Among his recent work is Metaphors of Healing. He also contributed three stories to India of The Past (Train Full of Grapes, My Dagger and I, and The Pickpocket Becomes Honest).

iz G. O'Connor

Liz G. O'Connor is a member of the Romance Writers of America, an executive at a Fortune 250, and the author of the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles. Her second novel, The Wanderer's Children, is coming out Winter 2014. Her Contemporary Romance series will launch in 2015.

Alex Prister

Alex Prister began filmmaking eight years ago. Since then he has been educating himself in every aspect of it, especially in screenwriting. Check out his movie Bullseye.


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